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Best Impact DriversThe good news is that if you have a favorite tool maker, they probably have a highly rated tool in the Best Impact Drivers category. Or perhaps it’s just that users are so thrilled with how easy impact drivers make the work that they are giving every tool high ratings, whether it is a small tool like the Bosch PS40-2, a 10.8v impact driving tool, or the “Mac-Daddy” of impact drivers like the Ridgid R8823 24v driver. You will find it difficult (not impossible) to find disgruntled buyers of these work-reducing drivers.

The Best Impact Drivers Are Cordless

Professional construction workers and DIY homeowners are becoming more aware of the benefits of impact drivers as the tools of choice for fastening. Whether you are doing a home project like building a deck or a treehouse or you are in charge of completing a large commercial project, the one tool that puts together rotation, torque, and ease of use is the cordless impact driver. They are faster, more consistent in performance, and easier on the body than any other fastening tool.

An impact driver will produce several times more torque when compared to a standard cordless drill. This will allow the user to drive home lag bolts and large screws with ease. Impact drivers are deceivingly light when compared to other fastening tools. And the good news is that the torque is delivered directly to the fastener. This simply means that there is very little kick-back and/or user fatigue.

Why Best Impact Drivers dot Com?

Not everyone has gotten the message yet, though. That’s why is here… to get the word out about how great these tools are. They can make short work of your hardest fastening or drilling tasks.

The is not a total review site – the purpose is not to present a synopsis of every impact driver on the market (or even most of them). What we will do is to give you our opinion about the best impact drivers in each of three categories:

  1. 12V Cordless Compact Impact Drivers – for use around the home or for less demanding construction jobs
  2. Best Impact Drivers for Home and Construction – best overall ratings
  3. Best Impact Drivers on a Budget - can’t see spending your kid’s college tuition on a new tool – this one’s for you.

Best Impact Drivers – Best Fasteners

Drill Drivers do not put as much stress on drill and screw-driver bits, socket adapters, or fasteners. Most of the cordless impact drivers available for general DIY and commercial use have a quarter-inch hex quick-release chuck. This is good because it has more contact points than your standard drill chuck. It helps to keep the shank of the bit in place… no slippage like in a drill driver.

Fasteners come with many types of heads for different drivers. The best ones are the ones that accept Torx-head bit drivers. These have a star head for lots of contact and less chance of your bit “eating” out the top of the fastener (this is known as “cam-out”). Torx-head bits and screws work better than traditional Phillips-head screws and bits.

Why Lithium-Ion Batteries Power The Best Impact Drivers

The Best Impact Drivers come with a battery

My first impact driver! (notice it is not a cordless model)

Lithium-Ion batteries are the newest in power source technology. They deliver the power for up to three times as long as Ni-Cad batteries. That is why most of the recommendations on Best Impact Drivers are for tools that use Lithium-Ion rather than NiCad batteries.

If you already own either type of battery, it makes sense to get a tool that uses the kind of batteries you own. That is, unless you are not happy with the performance of the batteries you own, and this is truly the case with many people.

If you purchase a new kit with Lithium-Ion batteries, you can continue to get other tools in the same line for much cheaper prices. Find a manufacturer you like and stick with that manufacturer. With power tools, you will find that Hitachi, Dewalt, Bosch, Makita, and Porter Cable have products in every category that are well made and last a long time. Even though you may pay a little more at the beginning, you will have tools that last a long time and perform well.

Battery Power Guide

Typical User Battery Power Projects
Occasional User 9.6V-12V
  • Drive screws into wood
  • Assemble furniture, toys, and appliances
  • Install blinds and curtain rods
  • Hang pictures and light fixtures
Homeowner and Occasional DIYer 12V-14.4V
  • Perform general home maintenance
  • drive screws into a variety of substances
  • Weekend DIY projects
DIY Enthusiast or Professional 14.4V-18V
  • Major DIY projects
  • Home remodeling and deck building
  • Wood-working and furniture building
  • Dependable application of fasteners
Professional 18V-24V
  • Construction trades
    including carpenters, plumbers, and electricians
  • Heavy duty fastening
  • Durability & performance is critical

The Best Impact Drivers Had Humble Beginnings

The 12v DeWalt - One of the Best Impact DriversOriginally, the impact driver was (and still can be found as) a tool that was powered manually by a mallet or hammer. It delivers a strong downward force in conjunction with a rotation, thus forcing the screwdriver bit into the slot in the fastener with a great deal of torque. They were developed mostly to loosen screws and bolts that were otherwise very difficult to remove due to corrosion or over-tightening.

Manual models of impact drivers are constructed with an outer sleeve that is held by the user. Inside this sleeve, there is a curved spline that produces a slight rotation when the tool is struck. Because of the downward thrust, the bit engages the screw or bolt much more than a regular screwdriver. The result is much less slippage combined with more force. It is especially handy for Philips-head fasteners that have been reamed out.

Motorized impact drivers have been developed using the same impact concept. Using the air-driven impact wrench that we have all seen at the tire store when buying new tread for the car, the newer impact drivers are now mostly cordless instead of air-powered. The efficiency of the best impact drivers has caught the attention of the DIY and construction world, and new fans of the tools are becoming more numerous.



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